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My name is Ashley and I am a lot of things, read this blog to learn more... Thank you for visiting my blog!


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Question: Has this blog impacted your perspective on mental illness, if so- how?

"Hi Ashley - your blog has been really helpful to me. I'm dealing with my wife's mental illness and reluctance to take meds - reading your writing gives me some perspective, something we all can use. Thanks." Anonymous

"Ashley, I just recommended your blog to another psychiatric hospital! Now, I know you are just a normal person with an incredible recovery to share and continue sharing. But I don't think you will ever know how many people you have encouraged!! You've definitely encouraged me." Anonymous

"I read this post two times. I like it so much, please try to keep posting." Henry

"Thank you so much for writing this blog. I am so inspired by your recovery, honesty, and intelligence!" Rebecca

"You give me hope and a stronger desire to serve humanity. Your recovery story is one of your greatest gifts to the world!" Rodney Ware, Executive Director of ADHD Coaching, Inc.

"Well-written. Open and honest about living with this illness and helping others to cope and overcome daily issues. Informative for lay people to remove stereotypical beliefs and myths surrounding schizophrenia." Margaret

"This is instructive and informative blog on schizophrenia. As someone who also suffers from a psychotic illness I found it helpful to realize that I'm not alone and others have similar experiences.." Rachel

"Fantastic site! I hope everyone will visit and the fear and stigma will be removed once and for all. Thank you for your insight. Very welcoming feel the instant you enter..." Kimberly

"Beautiful site with honesty writing..." Scott

"I like this site because I had no idea what that was until I read your blog." Tyler

"Nice blog site. You provide a good look into a world that seems so closed off. Thank you." Rob


Anonymous said...

I am all the way in London England and alot of what I've read on your blog speaks volumes to me. I am a 37 year old and a Trainee Freelance Junior Project Manager I have been in recovery for 6 months and I would say my faith has been a pillar of my recovery in addition to stress management treatment and positive focus. I haven't found a blog where someone recovery has been so similiar to mine. I thought I'd let you know how inspirational your blog has been to me. Best Regards

Ashley Smith said...

Whoa, London! The internet is a great place to connect with others... Like you my faith helps me too, my faith gives me hope and encouragement to strive forward in spite of my setbacks and challenges... Thank you for your feedback, I am glad you found this blog and could relate.

Warm regards,
Ashley Smith

Anonymous said...

Absolutely! I have been inspired to write my own blog sharing my experiences online. I've already benefited just writing about my experiences I feel such a release.
My faith empowers me and encourages me when I feel the burden of setbacks and challenges, I haven't found anything quite as effective in those times.
Writing a blog takes time, once I've completed my first blog entries may be my blog could be featured with the other blogs you list. Or I'm happy to share my experiences.

D said...

My son; age 27 was diagnosed with SZ 8-9 years ago. Not understanding anything about mental illness; we thought that his use of street drugs was the reason for his erratic behavior. 5 years later when he was clean for a year or so and after learning more about this illness we came to realize there was more than addiction going on. He struggles between using meds and living at home, then going off meds and wandering to the streets where he rotates between jail and hospitals only to get back on medication and come back home. Your story has encouraged and further informed me.