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The Outcome of My Wellness Challenge

For National Recovery Month I created a personal self-care plan to enhance my recovery, I labeled it my "Optimal Wellness Challenge." My goal was to take my meds each morning at the same time, to journal, and to practice meditation and self-reflection for ten minutes for three to five days. Success would be dependent on whether I was able to create a new habit for myself. A way for me to be held accountable was to check in with a friend who was also challenging herself in different areas.

However, I did not succeed at the challenge, and I wasn't able to maintain accountability through the check in process. In the beginning we checked in every other day, and I seemed to master taking my medication on time and journaling regularly. Our communication slowly deteriorated as well as my motivation with some spurts of energy every now and then. Overall, I think I failed the challenge because I took a leap opposed to baby steps to achieve my plans.

Yet, I will try again. Next time I plan on starting my new routine two days a week and then gradually building on it. Also, I would like to reward myself for small accomplishments along the way. Therefore, I haven't given up, I will strive to create healthy new habits.

Have you created a new habit in the last six months? What did your process look like?

Do you have an idea that would help one develop a new habit?


withallmyheart said…
I am so proud of you, Ashley, for your courage and honesty. You inspire me. I live with schizoaffective disorder. I follow your blog.
Anonymous said…
I'm reading your book now.My brother decided to share this with me after coming home from being hospitalized for second time within month.He has been diagnosis with Parinoid Schizophrenia since his early 20s.We just now recognizing he has illness.I want better understanding of his illness and he wants to overcome his illness.One day at time with Faith Patience and God.Thanks so much Ashley

Ashley Smith said…
Thank you for reaching out, both of you. I love to hear from my readers. Your feedback inspires me to continue to strive forward. I appreciate the encouragement and following of my recovery experience in my book, What's on My Mind? I urge you to never give up and to stay encouraged in order to press forward in recovery and life! Ashley Smith
Coco Wilkey said…
Your welcome!!Ashley I really wish their were more resources in my town.My brother goes to highland rivers during the day but, what else is there for him?He needs something to occupy his mind.I can tell his voices are coming back and his other fingers are having side effects...he just started on the new medicine which is shot.I'm hoping for some progress..I really hate seeing my brother like this wish their we're more I could do! I'm still young and trying raise my daughter and looking after my brother.I don't know what else to do.
Ashley Smith said…
Hi Coco, check out NAMI Georgia and the Georgia Mental Health Consumer Network for support and resources. Contact NAMI GA by phone and they could refer you to places that can support. The Network has a few wellness centers and training programs such as Mental Health First Aid and the Respect Institute which I've been involved with. Let me know if you are able to get assistance from these agencies and your experience.

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