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Sunday, November 9, 2014

My Medication Schedule

Recently, I've had to revise my medication schedule. For the last two months I've had problems staying asleep, and I've been talking to my mental health doctor under monthly basis to resolve my poor sleeping habits. On the last visit we discovered I was taking one of my prescriptions at night when it should've been taken in the morning. In fact, my pill bottle said to take the medicine in the mornings, but I wanted to change my medication regimen for my convenience. However, I'm going back to a morning routine. I will set my cell phone alarm as a reminder to take my medicine before I leave the house. I am hopeful that this change will help me sleep better. It's interesting how small changes can either create big problems or solutions. I think my sleeping patterns will improve along with my energy level and ability to manage high productivity at work.

How do you manage your medication regimen to fit within your routine?


Wayne Taylor said...

How long do you meditate? Do you use any type of ambient music? I my self take vitamins on a regular schedule 3 times daily and I do have an alarm on my phone. I always enjoy your blogs!

Ashley Smith said...

Hi Wayne, I do not meditate much like I was trying before. Your vitamin routine sounds like its working well for you, I appreciate your feedback and suggestions. Thank you for reading my blog- I love to hear from readers! Ashley