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Monday, July 6, 2009

Closer to Recovery Part III

Recovery for me began when I accepted my diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia almost two years ago, in 2007. Since then I participated in a few support groups, lived in an independent living establishment for people with mental health concerns, and I continue to take my medication voluntarily on a regular basis. The medication allows me to focus and to do what I want and need to do. It is a blessing to have such advanced knowledge to help people overcome mental illness! I hope someone will find a cure for schizophrenia and other mental illnesses so that I don't have to remember to take my medication. I wouldn't have to be put in a separate category as vulnerable or different from the average person because of my mental illness.

The recovery process has taught me a lot about myself and continues to educate me about mental illness. As I said before, I did not even know what schizophrenia was until it became a part of my life. I am glad I recognize what is going on with me, and what pushed me to change my beliefs and behavior from the past. The thing is I am the old Ashley but now informed, new and improved. I understand what triggered my psychotic breakdown and the warning signs. For example, my triggers were financial stress, moving and adjusting to a new environment.

As a result of my recovery process I want to see other people overcome mental illness too. At first, I started this blog to capture daily emotions and events, however, it grew into something more when other people contributed their experiences. Now, I have blossomed into another stage of recovery and mental health advocacy through my new support group, Embracing My Mind. I want Embracing My Mind to be a resource for people living with mental health concerns and those affected by mental illness. I want to be able to mature on my path to recovery with other people in the support circle.

For resources on schizophrenia visit the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), Schizophrenia Society of Novia Scotia, and Embracing My Mind.


Barbara said...

My son developed schizophrenia from the removal of a brain tumor. He absolutely hates, and often refuses to take his medication, risperal.(by injection) I wish I knew why.

Valash said...

Hello Barbara,

Thank you for sharing your experience with schizophrenia. I am sorry to hear that your son refuses medication that will help him get better. There are many reasons why he may refuse treatment. I, for example, used to refuse treatment because I did not believe I was sick. I hope you will visit this blog again and share updates on your son's improvements.

I hope that you are in a good support group, if not there are many forums you should consider like: Schizophrenia Support, Embracing My Mind, and the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI).