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Friday, July 10, 2009

Medication is Imperative

Taking medication can be a huge challenge for some individuals. I am a strong supporter of getting treatment to help overcome mental health concerns. Before, I recognized I had a mental illness I refused treatment to my own detriment. I got so sick I refused food, showers, speaking, and living. I was like a vegetable. Now, I recognize my illness and understand the importance of medication.

Many people do not accept their diagnosis. How can a person support them as they recover? What can they say to get an individual to try taking their medication regularly?

Even now, after accepting my mental illness and taking medication voluntarily, I struggle with the following concerns:

1) Running out of medication
2) Forgetting to take medication
3) Reapplying for an assistance program
4) Trying to get samples until my order arrives
5) Not having enough money to get medication

And the list could go on. I have learned from these experiences that to get medication I could develop a routine in order NOT to forget. Now I take my medicine before I go to bed.

Order medication in advance, and continuously follow up with the nurse to ensure that the order is processing. Have required documentation for assistance programs available. Have someone that I trust to remind me to take my medicine.

I encourage you to learn more about schizophrenia by visiting the following websites: Embracing My Mind, the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), and the Schizophrenia Society of Novia Scotia (Canada).


Anonymous Drifter said...

I use a pill box to remind me to take my medication. Could this work for you? Putting it in a pill box and then keeping the box in a place where you'd see it regularly might help. I use the ones that hold medication for a week.

Valash said...

Anonymous Drifter,

Thank you for the suggestion. While I use a pill box for each day of the week, I did not consider putting it in a place visible, so I'll try that.


K.C. Jones said...

I put medicine in my purse, so that if I forget to take it in the morning, then I can take it at work! The trick is to remember to put more in my purse when I run

Jennifer, aka beautiful mind, complex life said...

Hi Ashley,

The Embracing my Mind site, looks great! Did you create that recently?

I understand your difficulties with medication. I am pretty good with my schedule now, as far as taking them in the morning and at night, every day. But there have been times when I forgot to get a refill in time, so I ran out of one of the meds. And when that med is Klonopin, you go through physical withdrawal symptoms when you don't have it for a couple of days, and that feels awful.

I get my medications paid for by the government, but that is because I am on disability, and if I wasn't in that program, I don't know how I would ever be able to get them all, as I certainly could not afford any of them. Every two weeks, I get an injection of Risperdal, and that's the most difficult thing about my medication regimen, because I have to make an appointment, go there at the right time without forgetting, and get the shot. I work every weekday, so that is sometimes hard to do, but I only work part time, so usually it works out.

Anyway, I think it's great that you are encouraging others to take their meds. I really believe that medications saved my life, and I would be dead without them, for sure.

Take care, and keep up your great work to help others and educate the public~


Valash said...

Hey Jen,

Yes the Embracing My Mind site is new- thanks for checking it out. I just got approved for Medicaid so that will make getting my medication a lot easier.


Prozac said...

I usually have my phone set to alarm 5 minutes before I need to take my medication. The alarm tone is annoying and very distinct from every other sound my phone makes, so I instantly know that I need to swallow my pills.

Valash said...


Thank you for sharing another great technique to overcome forgetting to take medication.


Mark p.s.2 said...

did the world exist before psychiatric help?

Valash said...

Hello Mark p.s.2,

Can you elaborate on your question a little more?