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Sunday, January 2, 2011

"Thought Broadcasting" A Poem by Claudia Krizay

stars in the universe

Silence is a silver ship

Traveling at the speed of the darkness,

Black holes are the edifices in which I

Build my thoughts-

Word by word,

Each and every syllable forms upon my lips,

And then broadcasted, aloud-

Thoughts are killers- thoughts can harm-

My thoughts can be heard from afar.

Within this room I write my thoughts

With a pen that is void of ink, or a pencil

That has no lead,

Invisible they are, but somehow,

These thoughts are broadcasted aloud.

Thoughts are killers thoughts control-

My thoughts can be heard from afar.

A silver ship with its sail to the wind,

A wild horse that canters across vast terrain, or

Pebbles that roll off of my fingertips,

That splash into the creek, one by one,

You can see, you can hear, as

My thoughts, broadcasted aloud.

My thoughts can be heard from afar.

My thoughts are a flame that only I can quench.

I am in control of what comes into my mind,

As my hands build the world from

The bricks of Time,

My thoughts control the world.

My thinking destroys those, whom I abhor,

My thoughts control the downtrodden.

Silence is a silver ship, or

The dome beneath which I dwell-

I build my edifice beneath this dome.

No one dares to enter, as

I have broadcasted a message to the world,

My eyes order the world away;

My thoughts are broadcasted aloud,

A bad thought can destroy, as good ones

Create and control,

My thoughts control the world…

Claudia Krizay

Claudia Krizay

Claudia Krizay lives with schizophrenia. Claudia is a part of the SchizophreniaConnection community. She has published three books which include (on
  • "Take Five Seroquel and Call Me in the Morning"
  • "Far Out!"
  • "Time Lapse"


Lady_Amanda said...

Hi Ashely,

Thank you for showcasing a wonderful artist. I think art helps people to deal with mental illness. I know are other ways because all people aren't artists. I know Claudia is poet and so I am that's why I consider her an artists. I know lots visual artists don't consider the written word art, but being a fellow poet, Claudia to me is an artist.

Thanks for sharing,
Hugs with blessings,

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the wonderful poem about the Thought Broadcasting experience!