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Friday, December 21, 2012

My Support

As a result of my recent blog entry, When Coping isn't Coping Anymore, and comment on other online networks, a few friends and family members called me with urgency to check on my well-being. I guess I did not realize how well I articulated my mental distress, but I needed to write to feel a little relief. The concerning calls and encouraging comments really made me feel that I was important, cared and thought of, and was not alone in the battle with mental illness.

Having my support network is important because friends and family could pick up on cues from my active lifestyle or lack of, and my thoughts from online groups and identify my stressful  moments, sometimes when I can't. I appreciate others for reaching out to me, it re-energized my optimistic perspective on recovery and life.

Although I still have work to do to acquire and maintain wellness, I believe I can and will get through this difficult time with satisfaction. 

How strong is your support network?- Do you have friends and family who know you well enough to reach out to you when you are feeling down? If so what are your warning signs that you are in need of support?... Whenever you do not meet your obligations, when you are irritable, or when you isolate- what are your warning signs?

If you feel you do not have a strong support system I encourage you to seek support by participating in online networks and self-help groups to learn from peers and to establish more relationships.

To learn more about schizophrenia visit Embracing My Mind, NAMI, Choices in Recovery, or Schizophrenia Society of Nova Scotia (Canada).


Anonymous said...

I'm happy for your recovery.

And understanding myself is very important.
but under stress,understanding myself is difficult.

You have a lot of network of friends,family,mental team,peer,I envy you^^
In my case,someone let me notice clue of sick.

By the way,I hesitate for making homepage of mental illness.

Best regards,

Momofthree said...

Dear Deen, Yes understanding our own selves takes so much insight! But I believe you are able to do this Deen. And my son, Dillon can too! Life IS stressful. And we are strong, we can make our own network of Friends and family. So many people want to be your friend and help you. Just keep looking. God will bring them to you somehow. He always does for me. I have been so lonely for so long. But God always brings a new & soon to be close friend along just when I need it! I am praying for YOU, Deen, that God will surround you with an encouraging support group of friends that will continue what you have started. You are strong and even under stress you are victorious! I look forward to meeting your support group of friends and family someday. God bless you and have a very Merry Christmas!!!
All The Best, Cindy

Anonymous said...

Dear Cindy,
Thank for your kind and helpful advise.Your advise encourage me to work.
Even if under stress and not rich,and whatever i feel sick,peer help me.(But I don't have a lot of network...)

Anyway I'm going to enjoy Christmas holiday.
Best regards,

Anonymous said...

hi, isolation was good for me...i'm still in contact with my mother though, my old friends can't care about my mental illness... they're busy with their selves and probably still do drugs/alcohol and abuse each other anyway?...aa/na meetings just don't do it, even though i've been helped through the 12 steps... my axis is axis 2 i think? my therapist didn't inform me ?i have a schizophrenia diagnosis i saw it on a computer window last time i was in the emergency...? the therapist didn't tell me that either? but the therapist did help me tremendously...