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Saturday, December 22, 2012

CHANGE: How to Release Old Ways?!

The last few days have been rough for me, however, I have not had the need to take my anxiety medication again- yay!- and my state of well-being is improving by writing regularly, and recognizing that I have the support of my therapist, family, friends and fellow bloggers. I still get tired easily and feel concerned with all the things I want to do for myself, family, the nonprofit I serve, and other mental health related projects; despite the plan I came up with my therapist to relieve and manage my stress. I will read a little more than usual to help relax, and make sure I take a nap today.

A friend of mine said to be gentle with yourself. I used to think I was superwoman and was not fragile- my opinion on this matter has changed... I am fragile and do need to be gentle with myself, I just need to learn how to master this change.

Change is difficult for me because its a change in my thinking and lifestyle, and I'm the type of person that is a creature of habit and stay in my comfort zone. I think a new setting will help me change- like getting a massage, visiting the bookstore often, and surrounding myself with like-minded friends. I recognize I need to get out of my comfort zone- and fast! Now that I have a vision of the change I want, how do I get there?

How have you made a lifestyle change? How long did it take you to (ex. lose weight, stick to a strict diet, take your medication regularly, or to just relax more if you are used to overworking yourself, etc.?). 

To learn more about schizophrenia visit Embracing My Mind, NAMI, Choices in Recovery, or Schizophrenia Society of Nova Scotia (Canada).


Momofthree said...

Merry Christmas! Yes change is hard for me. I think I get stuck in a pattern - good or bad, it's a pattern I'm comfortable with; even if I hate things about it, It is what I already know, hence the term "comfort zone". And for me breaking away from the familiar is SCARY, yes I'm a wimp! Even when the past comfort zone was very destructive, negative, life-threatening even. But it's what I KNEW ALREADY! So my choice was1) Do I stay in a horrible, unhappy,physically abusive place OR. 2)Do I take the chance that something else in life might be better! Which "fearful thing" do I choose? I chose the chance that it might get better by stepping out of the known "horrible". And I'm glad I did. I set very small goals! Day 1: call 1 friend Day 2: call a counselor Day 3 wash my hair! Day 4: go talk to the counselor! Day 5: Celebrate making my goals by staying in pj's and watching funny movies! NEW is always harder, a learning curve, but it CAN be better! Set your goals, break them down to teency bits, then treat each teency bit as a victory! Because it is. It is PROGRESS! God bless, Cindy

Anonymous said...

It helps me to think about my challenges and how to overcome them. For example, I know that my medication compliance goes down if I don't have water nearby. I usually keep a bottle of water by my pillbox. This has helped a lot.
I also like what Cindy said about breaking the goal into teency pieces. Also, remember that it is difficult to change a habit, even for people without a mental health diagnosis! Remembering that helps me to be more patient with myself.