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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Ashley's First Blog Book...

Greetings everyone, and Happy New Year! I've missed blogging and corresponding with you regularly, because I've been busy writing my first blog book, What's On My Mind?: A Collection of Blog Entries from "Overcoming Schizophrenia." This book is a quick read about my experiences with schizophrenia and can be purchased online at Amazon, coming soon...

This collection of blog entries was inspired by you! I shared my story with you in mind; people living with a mental illness, family members, students, clinicians, law enforcement, mental health advocates, educators, or anyone interested in the field of mental health. My hope is people will read my story and be encouraged to seek treatment, have a positive perception about people living with mental illness, and to keep hope alive.

If you enjoy reading my blog, "Overcoming Schizophrenia," you are in for a treat with What's On My Mind? This is a must read...

  • Short informative read and easy to follow, reasonably priced
  • Provides the human experience aspect of living with a mental illness
  • Encourages people to seek professional help
  • Shares a hopeful outlook on recovery living with mental illness
  • Gives another perspective on mental illness which benefits others
  • Assisting those on their recovery journey for themselves or a loved ones

I am so excited about this project and hope you will support me. This book is my first book, and certainly not my last!

Warm regards,

Ashley Smith

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SJ Smiles said...

Hi Ashley! So glad to have found your blog, loved reading so far. Am new to the world of blogging but am already beginning to understand the therapeutic powers it can have, especially for one suffering from mental illness. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.