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Friday, January 31, 2014

Finding Balance

Coping with stress is easier said than done. I think stress puts pressure on my illness, which increases chances of my symptoms to flare up. Because I think stress is a trigger for me I try to catch myself whenever I feel it beginning to get out of hand. My early warning signs include: feeling depressed, drained, and whenever I neglect responding to emails in a speedy manner, isolate from those closest to me, do not uphold a clean house, and feel a lot of anxiety.

A little while ago I felt like I was beginning to feel overwhelmed. Sometimes I feel uncomfortably stressed to the extent where I feel I need to have my dose of medication increased to help me cope. Before I attempted to alter my medication with my doctor I experimented with different coping skills that helped me before. I tried to relax and enjoy my moment whenever I could by taking a bath, sitting in silence, and reflecting on the good things that happened to me. I received a spa pedicure and went shopping too. Furthermore, I wrote in my journal, listened to music, and shared my concerns with family and friends, which tremendously helped me regroup.

Now that my stress is more manageable I don't have to make an early visit to my doctor. However, I still feel some stress, mostly good stress, because of the demands I put on myself. Currently, I feel more balanced and that my tension is under control. I knew I was getting better because I took the time to clean my house and to communicate more often with those individuals in my support network.

What are some of your warning signs that you need to take a step back and to regroup. How do you find balance?


Arion said...

Thanks, I really appreciate the thought. I was having this episode where i was detracting from reality, and losing my 'balance' and coordination entirely. Felt like I would have fallen on the floor and started crying until I saw your post. It was eye-opening to know it's a treatable illness, and knowing what the end goal is is reassuring. :) this article gave me so much hope thank you.

Ashley Smith said...

Arion, You give me encouragement that if I continue to open up I may spark hope in other peers too, because recovery is a reality that is very much attainable. THANK YOU.

Warm regards,
Ashley Smith