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Monday, February 13, 2017


I understand how many readers may feel like I left everyone hanging, because I did… my commitment to my employer, my family and parenting, and straight up- my not-up-to-par self-care habits.

It goes back to seasonal coping skills and lifetime coping demands; which I will forever seek balance. Writing in its diverse forms such as journaling and blogging is important to me. My writing is a must for me, to express myself by reflection, connect with others in order to expand my understanding of self and to relate; as well as to better function at a better than average degree on the scale and spectrum of my wellness… I am still here. I am still well. And I am still striving for a good life in my recovery, which forever shifts and changes…still I am me, overcoming my mental health conditions, and life’s uneasiness, and yet, and still; life’s pleasantness, at the same time! 

I love myself because I am learning how to embrace my flaws that I usually aim to remove in thought, fantasy, and word; everything but diligent action of removal…now I am more accepting of myself and my needs, and challenges I may not face immediately, however to address closely by first identifying them, looking at my involvement within them, and being okay to be stuck in that position, for now.

I love you (readers) for checking in on my place online (Overcoming Schizophrenia), and vocalizing the impact of this blog, and of my absence. I appreciate the messages of concern and all the support. I thank each of you... I AM STILL...HERE. Are you?

Me (Ashley) on my laptop, late at night/1 AM-ish thinking about... you (readers)... needing to get this blog off my chest!

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