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Monday, February 13, 2017

My-Love Activities...

I am alone, and not lonely. I’ve been performing different homemade self-love activities to nurture and to love and to pamper myself with a level of contentment of satisfying my own loving demands. 

Last week I created a bulletin board of a collage collective of old greeting cards that my family and friends gave me. I included hand-written notes from friends, and pictures of myself and family.

Today, I researched and printed lyrics of songs that identifies my spirit and self-care needs for right now. I really listened to the music’s words, and not just the tune, and beat; like I usually do. 

These two songs spoke to the essence of my self-care identity, for now...

1)  Monica, “Love All Over Me”

…I got love all over me,
And I don’t want to get it off…
Even my skin is changing,
I’m feeling warmer…
You put the color back in my life...

2)  Tink, “Treat Me Like Somebody”

Somebody real is hard to find,
Somebody worth all your time,
Somebody who can tell you the truth,
Someone who loves you for you,
Someone who knows all of your flaws,
And doesn’t impose,
Try to control them,
Let’s you be free…

These songs are spiritually grounding in that of my Father God, spirit within, and what I need for where I am for …today.

For Valentine’s Day I created a homemade card for myself… what self-care and love acts have you managed, or will do?


Before, brainstorming how to create this Love Day card

After, card complete!

(Inside; Happy Love Day Ash... Ashley, I AM... Vibrant, Lovely & Strong...Thank You Father God!)

Yay!- my Happy Love Day card is finished!!!

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