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Friday, October 31, 2008

Vote Early

Today my family and I voted early. We waited in line for about two and half hours, which wasn't bad. I am assuming we saved a lot of time compared to how much time we would have spent in line on November 4th. In line I brought cheese and dip, candy, and a word puzzle. We got a little break because my sister brought her child, so that scooted us up in the line a little bit. The actual voting process was easy with the card and touch screen service. Voting early is only way to do it, I'll make it a habit in the future.

For the 2000 election, I also voted early because I volunteered as a poll worker. I had a good experience but the service literally took all day, which made me tired at the end of the day. We worked from about six in the morning until 9pm.

I strongly encourage you to vote, and I go further to say do it early it will save you a lot time.

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HektikLyfe said...

Both sides of a scratched coin are still worthless.

I will vote when I see something I support. Stuff like Gay marriage doesn't concern me. I will let gay couples and bigots battle that one out.

As for the presidency, I wanted Clinton.