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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Check Out My NEW Website and Give Feedback

I am soo excited, I launched my new website Embracing My Mind today. It is still under construction, however, I would appreciate your feedback.

Go to "My Forum" and register to become a member, check out my "Resources and Links" page, check out "Upcoming Events"- check out everything! If you have a mental illness (i.e. schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, depression) related blog and would like to submit it email me:

It is designed to be an all in one location for you to find out information about serious mental illness. It is not all about me, it is about us, so let's work together. Oh yeah, don't forget to sign my guestbook. Thank you for your support, and bye for now!



HektikLyfe said...

The website looks great. Professionally done and very clean. One thing I should tell you though.

That logo is VERY similar to the Ubuntu logo and you could be looking at some legal issues even though you provide completely different services...

It's still a battle you may not want to fight through.

Valash said...


Thank you for stopping by my website and giving feedback, I took your advice and went ahead and deleted that logo, I planned on replacing it anyway. Thanks again,and please return.


ACDesign said...

WOW, I am so excited to see you are evolving as an advocate. We need more individuals like yourself. Anyway, as a creative director, I create a lot of websites. From a design viewpoint, your site is clean and easy to navigate. Both very important to keep viewers on your site longer. People don't realize how important design really is in our lives. Did you know that the creator of started his site after his brother died from suicide? That site was so helpful to me when I found out my brother had schizophrenia. I was on the message board like every day:) Good luck with the website.

Valash said...


Thank you so much for checking out my website. I hope you will be back soon.