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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Phase II The Bright Side of Schizophrenia: The Beast/Learning Experience

Recovery is an ongoing process that demands time, a good attitude, and support (on-line and/or off-line). While there is no cure for schizophrenia, yet, recovery is possible. To me, recovery is being able to function and to take care of daily activities. This could mean a lot of different things to people. What does recovery mean to you?

Setting goals is a part of recovery. Goals could be long-term and short-term. For me, my goal is to complete college. To keep this goal alive I vocalize this goal by telling people I will return to school this fall. In addition, I visited colleges and did some research on the Internet to see which college I would like to attend. What is your goal?

Motivation to get well helps tremendously and allowing other people to support you helps even more. While I was recooperating in the hospital my mother exercised with me and played word games with me to: 1) help reduce stiffness due to my medication and 2) to stimulate my mind. What motivates you to keep going despite your mental illness?

After the institution, I joined a treatment program for young adults and learned more about my mental illness. Educating yourself or another's mental illness is being proactive, in order, to know what to expect and to be prepared.

Schizophrenia can be a beast or a learning experience that makes you stronger, you have a choice which role schizophrenia or any mental illness will play in your life. Which role have you chose?

Again, think of these questions: what does recovery mean to you? What is your goal? What motivates you to keep going despite mental illness, or your loved one's mental illness? Which role have you chose- schizophrenia or mental illness as the beast or a learning experience?

To learn more about schizophrenia visit the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) or Schizophrenia Society of Novia Scotia (Canada). Also, join my forum at Embracing My Mind.

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