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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Yesterday's Woman's Group

Yesterday, I participated in a woman's support group at the place where I receive treatment. I have not been to this group in a few months so I saw some familiar faces and some new faces. I was really looking forward to the group, and I am glad I went. We expressed a range of emotions throughout the meeting about each of our feelings and outlook on life.

One question came up about someone's mental illness: is it pride or depression? The individual was isolated, but wanted someone to reach out to them, but just didn't know how to get someone else's attention. I thought that was a very interesting question, me not knowing much about depression learned a lot. The answer to the question, was it is depression and NOT pride.

My therapist said it plainly, depression is 'detached, dejected, guilty, and isolated.' The group came up with suggestions to reach out to others. We came up with several ideas and agreed on one- start small, don't send a mass mailing of thinking of you cards, start small.

Also, during the meeting I spoke to my therapist about my vivid dreams, (which I discussed in my post a few days ago titled "Red Flag") because the clerk never called me back to reschedule my appointment with my doctor, and when I called back the receptionist said the appointment clerk will call me back; just a lot of run-around. Anyway, my therapist said I should definitely mention the vivid dreams to my doctor. However, she also said because I did not have any changes to medication recently, I could just be a vivid dreamer.


ACDesign said...

Group settings can be so helpful, especially when dealing with an illness that can force someone into isolation. It must be nice to connect with others and to learn and grow in the process. Keep up the great work!!

Lady_Amanda said...

I love group therapy. When I get out of my groups I feel ten pounds lighter! It's nice to be able to share and help other people. That is very helpful what you said about isolation. Sometimes I isolate too! I have schizophrenia like you, but I also have a mood disorder similar to depression so I can relate when your talking about it being depression. I wonder if your vivid dream has to do with medicine. Sometimes people tell me that medication makes their dreams more vivid. Definatly talk to your doc.

Helen said...


I have vivid dreams often. I don't see them as symptoms. I analyze them. I usually have a message. A stronger one than the not-so-vivid ones.

Congratulations for the Top Health Blogger Award. Keep posting!


Helen said...

Sorry - a mistake:

THEY usually have a message. The vivid dreams.