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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Customer Service

Yesterday, I called my doctor's office to reschedule my appointment for an earlier date, instead of March, to discuss my vivid dreams with him. Instead of scheduling me for an earlier appointment, the receptionist asked me why I want to reschedule. And I replied 'I want to discuss some side effects of my medicine with my doctor'. Why was that necessary, what if I had other plans and just wanted to reschedule, would they deny me?

Anyway, they were booked the month of January so I am trying for the next best thing, February. The receptionist asked me for my phone number so they can call me back with another appointment date. (Note I called in the morning to reschedule the appointment) An hour before the clinic closes I called them back for my appointment date, the same receptionist told me that the appointment clerk does not get her messages until the end of the day, and will call me back with another appointment date tomorrow. Well, I wish he would have said something before so I would not expect a phone call from the clinic all day. So, hopefully, they will call me back today with the appointment. Effective customer service, uh?

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