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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Intro. to the NAMI Walk

Today I went to a NAMI Georgia luncheon at Peachford Hospital about the NAMI Walk. I am so excited about the Walk which will take place September 18th. In fact, I plan on being a team leader, so wish me luck as continue to share my story and ask for financial support.

When the speaker asked us why we are walking I said several things: to fight stigma, for myself, support groups, and community. Fighting stigma is the ultimate goal, even though I am open about my diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia a lot of people are still unaware of what mental illness is or believe common misconceptions about mental illness. The most common misconceptions about schizophrenia is believing that all people who have the illness have split personality or are violent, which is NOT true. I want to continue to help overcome stigma by doing this NAMI Walk.

I have never done a NAMI Walk, but I am ready for the challenge so bring it on! I will give you more info. as the Walk approaches, until then get involved, listen, support, give, share your story, and fight stigma to change minds and hearts!

To learn more about schizophrenia visit Embracing My Mind, Inc., NAMI, Schizophrenia Society of Nova Scotia (Canada).

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