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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Overcoming Schizophrenia: How I am Living with it Blog

I updated the appearance of this blog because I wanted it to look refreshed as I move forward with it. I started this blog in September 2008 to have a better understanding of my diagnosis by recording my experiences.

In the beginning I wrote about my most challenging encounter with psychosis- a range of symptoms in that I had difficulty distinguishing reality- and how it led to my incarceration, hospitalization among other experiences in 2007. Now, I continue to track my moods and setbacks living with schizophrenia through this blog to encourage peers and families to stay focused on recovery, and to also educate students and the public about it.

I jumped into recovery with a positive outlook because I had insight through a combination of education and medication at the introduction into my recovery, and I was inspired by my mother and doctor to live life despite my illness by going back to college and sharing my testimony. I got to where I am now in my recovery through a lot of support from professionals coupled with medication, family, and peers (online and in-person). The incidents that helped me the most to move forward in recovery was hitting my rock bottom (jail) and other's hope for me to get better.

The last six months have been challenging. I struggle with postpartum depression and continue to battle it. I've written about my hesitation on taking antidepressants and the overwhelmed feeling I endured, which seems to rear its head periodically. 

However, its a new year and time for me to get it together with the supports that helped me previously. I plan to take this blog further into my recovery by continuing to share my ups and downs with mental health. My hope for readers of this blog is to see recovery as a possibility if you or a family member are struggling, and to understand that it is a process like other life challenges such as getting a higher education, building relationships, and raising a family. 

I really enjoy interacting with readers to learn new ways to cope, you all push me to maintain recovery, and I like how you share your interesting experiences with mental health. Thank you.

To learn more about schizophrenia visit Embracing My Mind, NAMI, Choices in Recovery, or Schizophrenia Society of Nova Scotia (Canada).

Thank you for reading my blog, I like comments and welcome questions about my experience with mental illness!

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Steph L. said...

Ashley~ I just wanted to thank you for being so open about your experiences. I just discovered your blog the other day when I was researching info on how to understand and support a close friend who was diagnosed with schizophrenia this past year. He is a person that is adamant about not taking medications and and moved out of state to avoid a court order. I cant wait to spend more time reading through your posts......they have already given me some good insight! Thank you!