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Goals vs. Limited Time

Because the year [2017] is closing, I am going to start preparing to my mindset, spirituality, finances, and miscellaneous needs; and overall wellness, today. I have many goals, in fact, I always have a goal. I like to check off my goals like a grocery list. Most times I categorize goals by dividing them into short-term (1-6 months), or long-term (6 months-2 years), phases and deadline to meet.

For example, here are a few of my goals:
To master punctuality; to be at work, and events earlier, in order, to reduce anxieties and stress.To wake up earlier at least twice a week in order to gives thanks to God, journal, and to prepare my mindset for the day.I am going to look into getting more certifications as a peer counselor, and trainer.I will be more attentive to others, and will reduce offering feedback, because I need more information, and I enjoy lively conversations, everyday.  However, I have a longer list than that, but I could prioritize my lists by focusing on two goals each week…