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NEW Blog Book: Controlling the Weight of Depression

I am very excited to share another blog book with you! I hope you will read it, share it and let me know how you're doing. Here's an overview of my book:      The book, What's on My Mind? Volume III, Controlling the Weight of Depression is a collection of blog articles from Overcoming Schizophrenia. The articles detail the recovery journey of blogger, advocate, and author, Ashley Smith.      The blog posts cover Ashley's experience with mental health that is examined over the course of 2019 to 2024. Her story shows resiliency at work offering hope, awareness, and strategies to control your depression and keep pressing forward.      The blog entries are uplifting and promote healthy lifestyle habits such as meditation, therapy, exercise, journaling, and a wide range of coping techniques that will undoubtedly help you get a handle on your depression and feel better.      Ashley's message is clear: warring against the depression will be
Recent posts

Reader Question#1 - February 2024

 Was there ever a time that you refused to take the meds and how did you finally decide to?  Thank you asking me this question, because it's common and a great discussion. Initially, I refused medication simply because I didn't understand why? One day they started giving me pills. Without a warning, lesson, explanation, handout, or anything! Kinda like, here take this with this tiny paper cup of water and open your mouth to prove it.       It was routine in jail, but I wasn't required to take meds like everyone else before. Therefore, I refused. This worked until one day they threatened to get others involved to force medicate me and administer an injection. I challenged them. Do it! - Was my attitude.       Guards dressed like the S.W.A.T. team rushed in and restrained me. They were quite dramatic because at that point I didn't put up a fight and just laid there while they restrained me. Eventually, when I came out of being stuck and foggy, I caught on that I was requi

Reader Question#2 - February 2024

 How difficult was it to find the right doctor and would you say the mental health system is better in Georgia?  Thank you for this question. In short, I've experienced two states for treatment- California and Georgia. Both offer quality care based on the diverse programs they offer (clubhouses, peer support led centers, respite centers, and more). However, finding that doctor- there will be good ones and not so good ones everywhere.      I've been with my doctor for over 14 years and my therapist over 7 years. Partnering with your provider is essential. I encourage you to participate in your sessions by asking questions. "You get out of it whatever you put in it." I provide my therapist with an agenda every session to cover my pressing concerns and stresses.      Because these sessions are short it is imperative you come prepared to make them work for you. This is extremely important if you have limited options based on distance and transportation, etc. Yet, I encour

Just for Today

For many years I've struggled with symptoms of depression and fight hard to control it. Low mood can manifest in several ways. For me, depression is war on energy, motivation, hygiene, concentration, productivity, anxiety, memory, and the pain of it all. Not being able to function at the level I'm capable of. The inability to finish tasks which used to be second-hand nature, easy and simple. After years of ongoing medication changes I've developed the right approach to conquer my depression with my doctor. Now I take two antidepressant medications, a mood stabilizer, and antipsychotic. Yet, that's only a fraction of the story to overcoming my challenges with symptoms.      I fight the mind wars everyday. In fact, earlier today I fought with myself to get out of bed to take my medicine in order to control the day's battles. My mountain was the burden and challenges to gathering enough energy to get up and move. I laid in bed playing out the role in my head. I envisio