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by A Guest Blogger: For Addicts, Recovery Means Creating a New Life

If you’re struggling to maintain your sobriety, you aren’t alone. There are millions of fighters just like you working toward reclaiming their lives from drugs and alcohol. There are a few common traits that many successful recovering addicts share. Keep reading to find out what they are and how you can follow in their footsteps. They establish new patterns You can’t continue to live your life the same was you did when you were using. You must change and adapt to your newfound sobriety. Consider a career change; many recovering addicts find they have more success by starting their own business. One career that is easy to enter is dog walking. As a dog walker , you’ll reap many rewards including getting to spend time with dogs, which can actually boost your recovery efforts and stave off depression. Dogs have been used as part of a treatment plan for users as young as 11 and come with the added benefit of helping you stay physically active. Plus, being with

Waking Up Tired

What do you do when you wake up tired? Lately, I have been struggling with depression. My depression is not the result of the changes in season, mood swings, PMS, nor breakdown in relationships, or loss. My invisible brain disorder is going through another one of its phases. Sometimes I wake up tired. In spite of medication adherence, I am challenged by my depressive state of being. I practice self-care daily, but lose energy by the late afternoon and am forced to shut myself down early at night. It is not fair; living with limited energy, taking restless naps, and repeating my health plan that is not completely pulling me out of this depressive state. My days are short but my fight is still strong. Yes, I may wake up tired, and do not carry out plans, but I get back on track and try my best to not give up. Still, I press forward. I surf social media for encouragement. I drink more water and give myself time to embrace self-care demands. Moreover, I pray that this low ene