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Counseling Helps the Whole Person

When I started engaging in counseling 11 years ago I assumed the scope of the sessions would focus on medicine, and my mental illness. However, nobody should assume. Counseling applies practical problem-solving demands to the stresses of life that impacts peers living in recovery. Counseling may help an individual manage diverse concerns such as codependency, low self-esteem, and motivation to be your best self, etc.! Therefore, if you're newly diagnosed, or do not have diverse experience with counselors my experience, which I will share can help. I will focus on the benefits of counseling from personal experience. There are several benefits to counseling, however, I will focus on only three, here. #1- Counseling focuses on the whole person. #2- Counseling encourages growth. #3- Counseling can be ongoing. First, a significant benefit of counseling is its focus on the  whole  person. The doctor or psychiatrist concentrate on treating symptoms, and prescribing appropria