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10 Ways That Shows Blogger LOVE

I posted this article on February 14, 2017, however, it is helpful to bloggers. Therefore, take notes! Thank you. What is more important? The message, messenger, or number of readers, and comments? I may not be the best blogger, but me and my blog, Overcoming Schizophrenia , was recognized and requested by some of the best… Huffington Post , a powerhouse and community-oriented pharmaceutical company, and organizations outside of my state, and country; including countless radio, and public relations’ requests to be on their shows, etc. When I started my personal blog, Overcoming Schizophrenia (2008), I was scared, anonymous, however very much honest, which was at times uncomfortable for me as the blogger author, and it was overwhelming for some readers. However, my blog has been mentioned in numerous articles, received a lot of attention from fellow bloggers, and was awarded by many of my blogging friends. I say all this to encourage you to consider my experience, rea

Prevent Your Diagnosis from Becoming A Deal-breaker: Therapy Starts The Conversation on Disclosure

How did you disclose your diagnosis? Did your condition build a closer bond, or become a deal-breaker? There are many reasons for disclosure in relationships. Disclosing can be uncomfortable, however, it gets better. Disclosing my diagnosis is a choice, which is also an opportunity to share one of my greatest vulnerabilities, and powerful testimonies. Generally, disclosure enhances my relationship with my friend and partner. My experience disclosing has become easier, and easier, over the course of recovery since age 20. Now age 32, I have enough experience to provide helpful insight to peers as an advocate, friend, and partner in a relationship. My schizoaffective disorder, which combines bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia, is manageable. However, my mental health concerns demand a lot of attention. A common symptom is  mood swings. Having moody persons in my life is frustrating, because based on their mood they may either engage, disconnect, or create confusion based on poor c

Happy Valentine's Day Blog Readers

Happy Valentine's Day 2 Each Blog Reader Much Love, Ashley Smith

Blog Book-Writing Workshop - 1 MAR 2019

A Portion Of Proceeds Go To NAMI Georgia - National Alliance On Mental Illness Contact Ashley for Details on $10 Discount for Workshop, TODAY.

Living with Schizophrenia Documentary- Ashley (Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Non-Branded Education, 2011)

Here is a glimpse of my recovery story, which Janssen Pharmaceuticals, (Johnson & Johnson) filmed in 2011. This is a documentary titled: Living with Schizophrenia: A Call for Hope and Recovery, is about three peers in recovery, as well as professionals, and caregivers. To learn more about my recovery story, purchase my book, What's On My Mind? on Amazon. My book is a collection of blog entries from my personal blog, Overcoming Schizophrenia (2008).  I am an advocate for mental  health through my blog, and Self-Discovery Pain, Positioning, & Purpose, Inc. (SD-PPP). I serve on the Executive Board. SD-PPP provides awareness on mental illness, bullying, and suicide prevention. Self-Discovery Pain, Positioning, & Purpose, Inc. will have our 2019 International Mental Health Tour coming to a city near you! I am also advocate with NAMI Georgia. NAMI is National Alliance on Mental Illness, which was founded in 1979,and is a national grassroots non-profit organization. NAMI Ge