Thursday, May 18, 2017

One Decade One Purpose

I have a lot to say, however, I am hesitant to blog about it, because I am working on a couple of books. I will publish a collective piece with peers, and also publish my follow up book to What's On My Mind? later this year (2017).

While I am excited to share my recovery journey I am frequently challenged by the ability to appropriately delegate my writings between the blog and book. My "Overcoming Schizophrenia" blog is still my healthy outlet and love... I appreciate all readers and strive to give my love to them forever through my self-expressive writings in order to relate, educate, and to further empower our growing recovery community and tight-knit recovery network; online and in-person.

In fact, there have been many times when I got on my laptop to develop a blog entry on life lessons of my recovery, but chose not to complete it in order to convert it into a chapter in my book.

Once, I valued my Bible more than anything...then it was my journal; like a safety net...However, now it is my heart... And I want to share my heart with you, and others through my writing because, I believe it is my purpose for this season to share my face among many of our faces living with mental health conditions. Like all the love I put into developing my first book, What's On My Mind? A Collection of Blog Entries from Overcoming Schizophrenia (2014), I will generously give all that good energy and passion into What's On My Mind? Volume II.

My hope is to publish What's On My Mind? Volume II in September 2017, because this year marks 10 years of recovery (2007-2017) living with schizophrenia, and many more decades to live for and to love myself and others.

I want you to know I am still in love with you; fellow bloggers and readers. In fact, I am working on my book and will share more details regarding my next published book as September approaches. 


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