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Coping in the Spirit

I am fighting schizoaffective disorder every day through my spirituality! Living with mental health concerns is challenging. Constantly, I am reflecting on my relationships, self-care demands, and responsibilities, and commitments. Currently, I am challenged most by controlling my high energy, and thought-processes regarding my general interactions, and work. But I maintain hope. A combination of mania, the side effects of my medication, and concerns with self-motivation to perform is a frequent concern. However, I strive to practice balance among my list of general coping skills that I use. I communicate closely with my treatment team; psychiatric doctor and therapist, and I also vocalize concerns with those that I can trust within my circle of influence. In other words, I am managing both schizophrenia and bipolar disorder daily through medication, faith in my medication, and effort to maintain optimism, and self-care! Every day I strive to maintain wellness by focusing on bala

Remembering the Amazing Month of September 2018

Thank you... I thank my readers for exploring mental health concerns with me for 10 YEARS, and counting, on this blog! September 2018 was an exceptional month; full of highs AND lows. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to speak at two conferences, and to share insight on my lived experience. Also, I am grateful to celebrate another birthday with my family, friends. Mark Lawrence, Stomp the Stigma First, the  Stomp the Stigma conference addressed youth, families, schools, and the larger community. Now having experienced two major setbacks, and hospitalizations away from home, life, responsibility, my norm, etc. At Stomp the Stigma , I was a panelist along with four caregivers, and parents, of individuals like myself; living in recovery. We had lively discussion about concerns, and our ways of coping as family to support, to endure recovery, and to live a hopeful life, which can be difficult for the individual, and loved ones. Again, I was diagnosed with schizophrenia