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The Therapist Helps: Accept Your Assignment for Your Relationship

Stress management plays a significant role in coping with my mental illness. As I grow in my recovery I learn how to distinguish my moods, symptoms, and stresses, which impacts my relationship with self, and partner. Life is stressful, and peers like myself should engage in self-care, in order, to get the most from life, and relationships. Most days are good even though my mood fluctuates throughout the day based on expectations, and stress from daily events.  Relationships create stress, which is part of life. Therapy is a great coping mechanism, and self-care tool. In fact, my therapist and I breakdown concerns in my personal relationship among other relationships, and events in my life. Good stress, and not-so-good stress impacts my mood, and mental health. Whenever I feel stressed my mood is irritable, and my memory is not as sharp. Other signs of stress for me is being in a negative place, and wanting to isolate.  Therefore, I am grateful for my therapist, because I am ac

Therapy Builds Self-Awareness and Relationships

When I was diagnosed with my mental health condition over 11 years ago I did not understand what to expect.  It is better to maintain healthy relationships, in order, to maneuver life's difficult courses to reach one's destination, potential, and dreams. Strengthening relationships is important. Therefore, maintaining communication and needs in the relationship with your partner is vital. However, an individual must understand, and know themselves first. Peers should identify triggers, coping skills, and needs, in order, to keep well-balanced relationships. A trigger is an event that creates negative attitude, actions, and consequences. Coping skills are activities, which helps individuals manage symptoms, and situations, such coping skills include: exercising, creative expressions through journal, drawing, painting, music, etc. Over time in recovery, I realized how awareness of my condition helps me maintain a healthier relationship with my partner. As a partner, advoc