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How to Overcome Disappointments by Redirecting Your Focus

Living with a mental health condition is very challenging. As an individual living with schizoaffective disorder I must be mindful of my stressors, thoughts, and social needs. Setbacks are disappointing, but they are a part of life. For instance, having a hospitalization, getting rejected, being discriminated against, experiencing self-doubt, and coping with disappointments that lead to changes can be stressful.       Most people will not understand individuals with mental health concerns because of varying perceptions on the symptoms. Moreover, widespread misconceptions drives fear, lack of education, and discrimination, that perpetuates barriers to socialization, treatment, and understanding. It is imperative for us to develop alternative skills to maneuver and manage the difficult times. I encourage peers to focus on confidence-building activities, which I will share. Also my tips will help people who do not have a diagnosis. Here, I will focus on 7 habits, which will help you devel

Recovery - The Process of Staying in Your Good Place

I define recovery as staying in a good space. But what does that mean? How can an individual cope with the internal conflicts of self-doubt and symptoms let alone the external battles with discrimination—in the workplace, housing, and barriers to treatment? Moreover, the universal unspoken code of widespread fears and social ostracizing. My ability to endure, cope, and to keep pressing forward demands that I relentlessly challenge the mind wars through my recovery tools.       Most people do not understand what it's like to live with a mental health condition, but they can testify that resiliency is a part of the human experience. Naturally we rediscover ways to bounce back from heartbreak, unemployment, and feelings of hopelessness. Yet, the choice to practice healthy strategies to persevere or destructive methods to get by is on us. Quick fixes are fleeting moments of relief which eventually leads to more problems. However, going through the process to develop creative solutions