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Help without Hope

Doctors have the gift of healing. They can perform miracles and restore wellness when they believe in their work. If an individual needed surgery and had access to a surgeon this would be a great act of God. The surgery would treat the individual and restore good health. However, when the surgeon does not believe in the fruit of their works this poses a threat to recovery. Therefore, why would a surgeon perform the task, skill, and responsibility of medicine if they do not believe in their work? I heard families and peers recall poor experiences with doctors and other healthcare professionals. These poor experiences are common. They may state that my peer can never work again, can never live independently, and cannot do what they used to do. A lot of healthcare professionals do not offer hope for recovery. Instead some healthcare professionals reinforce stigma, and doubt with lack of expectations for life after diagnosis. Some do not say anything at all, and leave us without awa

Pro-Choice for Stability

Catatonic. Delusional. Psychotic. These are a few symptoms of schizophrenia, which I suffered, lived in, and endured through medication.  Catatonic was a place of immobility, distance, and lack of awareness. I experienced catatonia during my first breakdown at age 20. My breakdown led to my incarceration and hospitalization. My catatonic state of mind left me frozen, vulnerable, and lost. While I was catatonic time did not exist. I did not hold concerns related to hygiene, socialization, nor consequence. A jail nurse, Erwin, expressed my condition, in order, to persuade me into taking medication. Erwin said, “We had to drag you in your chair from the day room back to your cell, because you would not move... We rushed you to the emergency room three times to stick an IV in you, because you stopped eating and drinking... Please stop ignoring me... Would you take your medicine?” I did not move for hours, and maybe even for days. Doctors and nurses visited regularly. I do