Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Reset, Now Focus.

There were a few consecutive days leading up to my grand finale of bad side effects to my antipsychotic medication that impaired my eye sight to the extent that I could not drive to my own doctor's appointment to get relief. Sometimes I would lose my ability to focus on the task at hand. I could sort of see, but not directly what was in front of me. I had a bad tendency of looking up, literately. I could not maintain eye contact with people or look down long enough to see the tasks I tried to do with my hands such as texting. The nerves behind my eyes would not let me concentrate, it was an uncomfortable, nerve-wrecking, stressful experience, which lasted more than two hours on and off, the worst of my experiences yesterday. Thankfully I had a great friend chauffeur me to go to my doctor's appointment and to wait for me, help me pick up my son from school, and drop off my prescription, and then pick it up from the pharmacy.

For the last couple of weeks I've been tip toeing with my vision and privilege to drive. Whenever I felt my focus beginning to shift I rested my eyes to "reset" them. Last week I had to drive back home "before it got bad" to rest my eyes so that I could drive the street way to pick up my son from school, it was a merry go round, but a safer alternative.

My greatest coping skills were patience and humor, both of which I do not master. I am grateful to my friend for their peer support and for creating time to help me maneuver. I am so glad I have the fast acting medication that minimizes and counteracts my side effects to help me control my paramount concentration problems. Now I can focus, again!

What challenges have you had with side effects of your medication? How did you cope?

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