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Catch It. Check It. Change It.

Nobody enjoys the feeling of being on edge, and anxious... Anxious for the reply about the business deal. Anxious for the update on your loved one’s health. Anxious for confirmation of the loan approval, etc. We have all been there. Recently, I felt anxious. However, my anxiousness could easily manifest into mania, a condition that perpetuates excessive energy. It was subtle at first. I brainstormed a few plans, and focused on different approaches to execute the agenda. I began to minimize my sleep to work on the plan. This load of ideas transitioned into over-thinking and indecisiveness. My anxiety built momentum to the extent that I had to check myself. I started to redirect my focus to develop patience. I did not want to experience mania at its worst, and produce negative outcomes. I began to be mindful of my sleeping pattern and diet. I was making a conscious effort to maintain better self-care. I reached out to a couple of people without reply. In response to the over-ex

Parenting With Mental Illness and Crisis

Living in recovery is challenging, however, it is a part of life for many individuals. Mental illness is more common than not. People with mental health conditions also parent. Despite mental health crisis peers can still manage recovery, and family. I am a lived experience expert on schizophrenia. I persevered through a range of issues related to my diagnosis. I have been in recovery for a few years, and experienced a lot, such as the severe schizophrenia-related symptoms, court-ordered hospitalization, housing discrimination, and projected stereotypes. Still, I work on myself, job, and parenting skills. I am a mother of one. My child is seven years old. Mental illness is a problematic medical condition, but it can be managed with adequate support, treatment, and coping skills. I engage in therapy and traditional treatment, or medication, to help maintain wellness. I practice a lot of coping skills to manage daily. For example, I walk every day, journal, and listen to mus