Friday, September 19, 2008

THANK YOU For Your Support

I just want to thank everyone who has left a comment on my blog. When I first started this blog I did not know what type of response I would get, but now that I have the ball rolling I am very satisfied with the turnout. I hope this blog will help overcome some of the stigma attached to schizophrenia and encourage those living with a mental illness that there is hope. Thank you for your continuous support!


Dano MacNamarrah said...

Ashley~You are doing such a wonderful service. It's very hard for people who are in any way ill, or addicted, to listen to the advice of professionals.

In my experience, the sharing of one's own experience with illness, and recovery, is the best way to reach those in similar straits.

Keep it up, sweet sister,

Tammy Snyder said...

I am very sorry that you have to bear this illness. May God bless you and give you strength daily and comfort you in your needs. God Bless you,
Tammy S. Snyder
(You sound very knowledgeable and will be of great help to others!)

Joe Somebody said...

Keep up with the good work. I know you can do it!!

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