Thursday, September 25, 2008

Lets Talk About It

Why don't people talk about schizophrenia? The public seems to overlook schizophrenia. I see commercials about bipolar disorder and depression, but not schizophrenia.

Schizophrenia affects 2 to 3 million Americans, yet many people do not openly admit to having the illness. And I do agree you should be selective on who you tell because of discrimination. There is a stigma attached to schizophrenia. Usually people think that individuals who have schizophrenia are violent, however this is not the case; they are usually victims of crime (The Complete Family Guide to Schizophrenia). They are discriminated against in housing and jobs, I have experienced this while looking for housing. The landlord would not rent the room to me because she thought the voices and my potential roommate would cause too much stress. Little did she know that I no longer hear voices because of my medication.

I think that people are afraid of individuals with a schizophrenia because they are ignorant of the illness. I am open about my illness because I know that I am not the only one with schizophrenia, and I am not ashamed.

Today my therapist told me she wants me to meet another young lady, like myself, to share my experience and to give her insight. The woman refuses medication yet is experiencing psychosis. I told her I would like to talk to girl. If I were to meet the girl I would tell her that a lot people have schizophrenia and you are not alone. I would tell her that I heard voices, experienced extreme paranoia, and was afraid of people because I thought they were demons. But I am okay now that I take medication.

In fact, my goal is to share my story with other people so that they will be educated about the illness and know the warning signs of mental illness. Some early warning signs I experienced was religious preoccupation, paranoia, isolation, and thoughts that I have special powers such as mind reading and discerning spirits. I have already started my mission by writing an article for MentalMeds News ( go to articles, Issue 8 and read No More Voices, No More Demons).

What do you think about this?


HektikLyfe said...

I wish we knew exactly what it was that causes what psychiatrists refer to as a chemical imbalance.

While there is no doubt in my mind that the chemicals the prescribe and sell to you help qualm those symptoms, I would like to know what it is that happens in the brain that triggers those thoughts and voices. Why voices? Why demons?

Would an atheist also fear demons? Or would there be something within their own psyche that would replace those religious images with physical ones. So many things we don't know about this and we have studied it for generations.

As personal crimes continue to rise I hope some further advances in research help aide in the development of a permanent solution for your sake and ours if that is truly what is causing the break.

Pasifik said...

Hi Ashley,

Thanks for commenting in my blog.

Good luck with your life.


Anonymous Drifter said...

You wrote an excellent article. I wish more people were educated about mental illness.

Dano MacNamarrah said...

Your post was so right on. The media and entertainment industries have at best, ignored schizophrenia, and at worst, whipped up fear and mis-understanding in the public.

It's extremely troubling that we can go to Mars, yet we have yet to have a reasonable public policy on those who suffer from mental illness.

Your honesty is wonderfully refreshing. More important, it is giving a voice to this most maligned illness.

kkii said...

I don't have schizophrenia but my father was a depressive. This is a big reason why I became a humorist/inspirational writer. I have a new blog, and I've found out that with widgets you can draw more comments/readers. Get yourself a Shelfari (visit my blog) and put you favorite scholarly/case study books on it, along with your own composed reviews. Then go to Shoutbox and get a shoutbox so people can talk to you live on your blog. Next, go to spiralfrog and put some music on your blog or link to a myspace page with the music on it (not just for teens, you can find a lot of suicidal/depressive/schizophrenic people at meeting-places such as myspace/facebook. Get musician's bios to showcase recovering schizphrenic/mentally ill composers such as vladamir horowitz (twelve breakdowns and he kept returning to the stage to perform!), etc, etc. Next go to zoombio and get yourself syndicated (they call it being on wikizines)/advertised. On your edit page, enable email links so people, or you, can take a blog and send it via email to a magazine/medical journal. Send these emails to your local, most obscure reporter in your town's newspaper/radio station (ours has a woman named Marcia who plays with tigers, but that's another story). Your story could help them win an excellence award in print media. Good luck to you! and visit my site above! also click on omitted results included. ldg

Valash said...

Hektiklyfe, the biological theory behind schizophrenia states that there is an excess amount of dopamine, which causes the chemical imbalance, in the brain that challenges the ability to think, feel, perceive, and act (The Complete Family Guide to Schizophrenia).


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