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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

MentalMeds News Article-No More Voices, No More Demons

As mentioned before, MentalMeds News allowed me to write an article on my personal experience with schizophrenia. MentalMeds News contains information on medical treatment for depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, sexual dysfunction and other forms of mental illness. Below is some details from my article, No More Voices, No More Demons, however if you want the full version you should visit MentalMeds News and look at Issue 8 located at . If you are interested in the newsletters and want to get on the mailing list contact the author of the website, Kevin Thompson, PhD, at

The day of my breakdown, I remember feeling so intensely that demons were following me. I tried everything to get away and even tried to disguise myself. I thought if I held a cigarette, which I abhor, I could mislead them. I decided to get rid of my things that I carried with me at all times-my Bible and my glasses. I was about to cut off all my hair to diguise myself from the demons. When I spotted the sitting truck with the keys in it, I believed it was a blessing from God and a way to help get away. When I took the truck my intention was just to go to the store to purchase scissors to cut off my hair, and return it. I thought that everybody was a demon in disguise.

While driving the truck I remember feeling an outer body experience. I was not in control of the vehicle, and I felt that someone or something had taken over my body. I later learned that I was experiencing a split between realities. I had so many bizarre thoughts. When the police got their hands on me I was afraid that they were going to kill me. While sitting in the back seat of the police car I remember being afraid that the car would blow up. I prayed to calm myself down and hope for a miracle to stop the car from blowing up. I thought I was Jesus Himself and that people were out to persecute me. At the police station I stomped the floor to kill the bugs around me, which were hallucinations, and the police thought I was on drugs.


Anonymous Drifter said...

You are such a strong person to have gone through such terror and yet somehow survived to talk about.

La Pixie said...

I can see why the police thought you were on drugs. I prolly would have thought the same thing. how scared were you? I cant even imagine...

Valash said...

La Pixie, I was petrified. I didn't trust anyone and I was running for my life. I was extremely paranoid and anxious. It was intense.