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Saturday, January 24, 2009

I Am Not Fragile

There are times when I do tell people, for whatever reason, that I have schizophrenia. Their first response is to ask if I need accommodation...can I handle this situation too stressful for me. Relatives do this out of love and because they do not understand the illness. They do not understand that the medicine helps me think more clearly and behave like my old self, before the onset of schizophrenia. People sometimes ask if our conversation is irritating me or if it triggers symptoms. Some people think I am sensitive or fragile to life's demands...

Just because someone has an illness does not mean they have to feel like they can't walk this way, talk this way, do it that way, or keep distance!!

I am no more fragile than the next person! I have emotions, hardships, and setbacks like everyone else. I make mistakes too. In fact, I like challenges, and take criticism well and use it to improve who I am.

Yes, I do get stressed like everyone else, yes, I do get my feelings hurt, like everyone else. There are techniques, strategies and styles that I learn to adapt to so that I can deal with certain issues. I believe that having a mental illness makes me more aware of things. Everyone experiences certain things in life but don't often take the time to analyze it, think about it, and often times take too long to even begin to fix it! I am forced to do so because of the fact that I have been diagnosed, and am on medication.


Elizabeth B. Alexander said...

I feel ya. I won't break, but I will admit, if I don't get my rest then things could spiral downwards. So I've had to learn to excuse myself to bed if guests ever stay really late, and most our friends get that.

margerydaw said...

have just found your blog...i like it a lot so will link it on mine and come often for a nosey :)

take care x

Wanderer62 said...

Hi Valash,

I suffer from schizophrenia and depression and I see my illness as a disability, a handicap, not a personal failing. And as a handicapped person in some areas I need special attention or help. I need basic things such as medication, therapy, a support group, some creative outlet. I may need help with food, housing, and transportation or with education and vocational training. The truth is people with schizophrenia vary widely in what they can and can't do.

But you are young, smart and resilient and there is no reason why you shouldn't cultivate the attitude to be as capable as or even more capable than people who do not suffer from this mental illness. Still, there is no shame in being fragile and you should allow for such times in people's lives and in your life.

Best Wishes,