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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Building Friendships

Since I moved back to Atlanta (in August) I have not developed many friendships. Friendships are important for additional support. I found someone I could relate to in my support group at the local mental health clinic, however, she doesn't attend groups much and I didn't get her phone number. I don't think my lack of friendships is a result of my illness, I think it is because I have not been getting out much. However, I feel like I get a lot of support online. Now I am ready for some more friends.

To find some friends I could join a church, gym, clubhouse, or get involved in activities at the college I plan to attend next semester. I used to be a member of a clubhouse in California, where I am from, I had a lot friends and associates there. However, the clubhouse my sister found for me here in Atlanta is expensive, maybe I should look into this again and try to find a free county mental health program.

Also, there is a scrabble club that meets every Saturday, I could try attending more sessions and meet people there. In addition, I have not found anyone at work I could connect with, maybe it's too soon since I have only been there for a month.

Now I spend a lot of my time with family, watching my 19 month old niece, and talking to my mother, sister, and stepfather a lot. We have dinner together every couple of weeks and talk everyday, which I enjoy.

Can anyone relate to me?


Wanderer62 said...

I can relate Ashley. My only offline friends are my brother and one other person who I don't see very often (though I'm going to see her tomorrow). The rest of my friends are all online friends. I'm very grateful for the internet because it has really helped cut down on my sense of isolation. In my case, I believe that it is a combination of inclination (to spend time alone) and my illness. I've just started an online group for my local community and I'm hoping to develop some friendships there with people I could possibly meet too. Good luck in your search for friends near to your home.


lowincomelady said...

Yes I am pretty isolated. I don't have much social contact. I was at the shopping centre about an hour ago and saw someone I knew and said I had been to the doctor today and they said 'Make sure you take your medication' I find this kind of comment unhelpful ...

Ashley, I wanted to tell you, I saw my psychiatrist today up in Sydney (a 6 hour round trip!) and showed him my 9 year old son's school counsellor report. He has learning doctor said that can be a precursor to developing schizophrenia or it could just be a learning disorder... so the doctor is going to do a brain scan on my son. He did one on my son 3 years ago and it showed high alpha waves which apparently is not good... its hard not knowing what is wrong especially when what is wrong could develop into schizophrenia later on...

Thanks for listening!

earlyriser said...

Outside of my wife, who is my best friend, I have one friend. We talk once a week. Hardly ever see one another. I'm not sure why I haven't any face to face friends. I've always been shy, until I get to know someone better. I have alot of online friends. When I was in AA the circle of friends I had all relapsed. I never see or hear anything from my schools buddys. From what I hear, most of those guys are still doing drugs and drinking.
I'm gonna write a post about friends.

Valash said...

Thank you all for your feedback, I am glad I am not alone in this. I will try to find someone I can relate to.

lowincomelady, I do not mind listening. I hope the session goes well with your son... (Side note: Whoa, that is a long trip! I am glad you are persistent about getting the treatment you need).


kcjones said...

You know, I live in metro Atlanta now, so we could get together! I can definitely relate, because I am an extremely social person and I don't feel like I interact with enough different people. I don't know where in Atlanta you live, but you can come to Circle of Grace, Charis, and Ridgeview has a lot of great groups. I often attend the ACA (Adults Children of Alcoholics/dysfunctional families)meeting on Sunday at 2p. Charis has a writing group every other Monday at 6:30p that I go to that you might like. Go to to see their schedule of events, which are usually free or google Ridgeview for a listing of all of their support groups. Their EA (Emotions Anonymous) groups are good too. But in any case, we should definitely hang out sometime.

Valash said...


I like that idea a lot. I'll get my sister to contact you for me so we could hang out some time. Thanks!


ACDesign said...

I have always had very few friends. I am witty and fun to be around but it takes a while for me to warm up to people. I am so outgoing with my family and close friends, but not when I am in a new social setting. Guess I am shy by nature:) It is good to be around people though and to stay social. I am sure you will find some people to hang with. You seem like a very friendly person!