Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Schizophrenia: Rehabilitation

After my illness progressed I had slow motor skills and I could not spell words like I used to. My mother informed me of these changes just recently, I did not realize how slow I was or that I lost my ability to spell at the time this was happening.

I was very stiff, like a robot, because of the side effects of medication. However, doctors gave me Cogintin to cope with the stiffness. In addition to medication to overcome the stiffness, I did yoga and practiced kick boxing, because other people told me I was stiff too. I learned kick boxing in high school, and remembered some of the routines. I remember my mother visiting me in the hospital and telling me I was stiff. She helped me by exercising with me and teaching me how to walk again. She would tell me to move my arms more and put some pep into my walk.

We also played scrabble and card games to enhance my memory and motor skills. That's when my mother realized I lost a little of my memory of how to spell. She knew I could spell better because I used to write a lot of term papers for college, but she wouldn't correct me because it was just for fun and she knew I would gradually get better. I would spell words incorrectly by using the wrong phrase, for example, instead of spelling "there" I spelled "they're".

Exercising, playing scrabble, and card games really helped me a lot, and maybe it can help other people who are trying to get back to a state of where they were. To this day I still play scrabble, but online mostly, with other people around the world. I could spell words better than when I was first diagnosed with adult onset schizophrenia, and I am learning new words. It is good that I have someone I could trust to tell me the truth and to support me.


Anonymous Drifter said...

How fortunate you were to have such a supportive mother. I'm sure this helped in your recovery.

Anonymous said...

It's great your mom was a good support. I do Suduko puzzles and word fill ins. My wife, Margaret is good support. She is the best.

I have trouble spelling words. Sometimes I have to really concentrate hard. Thankfully my computer has a dictionary.

Anonymous said...

I have schizofrenia too, I recover very well until now but I get medication. I'm wory about recurence of the ill when the medication will be interrupt. I was informed that the treatment must be followed for 3-5 years but I want a baby because I have 30 years already and my doctor said we try 1 year with medication, than I'll be supervised.

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