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Saturday, February 7, 2009

My Creed

Now that I am aware of my mental illness and is recovering from schizophrenia I can help myself and others by promising myself to...

1) Take my medication regularly. I know that without medication I have a high chance of a relapse, recurring symptoms, and going back to the hospital.

2) Educate myself on this illness. I agree that "knowledge is power," and with it I can accomplish a lot. Researching information on schizophrenia will keep me aware of symptoms and news.

3) Tell my doctor if I have recurring symptoms. My doctor is there to assist and to provide solutions for me.

4) Ask for help when I need it. Going to the hospital is not punishment, it is to get well again. So if I feel that it is needed, I will ask for help.

5) Educate my immediate family on the illness. I will share my knowledge with the illness with family to further encourage support.

6) Support others. I will share my experience and offer advice to others with schizophrenia or relatives of those with schizophrenia.

7) Listen to allies. Listen to someone that I can trust, they may see changes in me that I cannot see, and be concerned that I may show recurring symptoms. I will listen to their concerns and seek professional assistance.


Just A Chic... said...

Witnessing your commitment to fight this disorder is very inspiring. Rock on!

Anonymous Drifter said...

Knowing how to look after yourself through medication, support, and education is key to recovery. Good for you for doing such a great job.

Kim said...

Sorry Ashley I still don't have enough blogs in Health category may be you can suggest your followers to submit their blogs. And I had one more thing to share with you since last few days I too was bit distressed but now I am feeling better (my exams are approaching). Thats why I couldn't market much. Please be patient. I too am testing waters in this blogging world.

earlyriser said...

Those are 7 awesome commitments. Staying healthy and working those 7 things will help you and a great many. Thank you for sharing them.

aries28 said...

You are right on all counts. My oldest Son has OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) and anxiety, this has been a struggle foe mw as well as him. He just moved into his own apartment a few weeks ago, not fully staying there, it will take sometime, if he doesn't take his meds that causes huge problems. I know you are on the right track and I think of you often. I help my Son and always will because I know he and YOU can DO IT! Enjoy everyday! Peace!