Thursday, February 26, 2009


This post discusses how I feel now living with schizophrenia and how far I have come in recovery. These are my reflections...

Almost two years ago I was diagnosed with schizophrenia. I never in a million years would have thought I would be handling a mental illness, now that I have it I am coping very well with it. Since my diagnosis, I have been taking things slow. I am optimistic about my recovery or getting to a state where I can get back to the way things used to be such as going to school and working.

I have really progressed with my recovery. At one point I was so sick I did not even know the date or who the president was, I was out of it completely. I am so thankful for antipsychotic medications such as Abilify, the medicine I am taking now. The medication does wonders, it gave me me back! While I was sick I was a different person, stand-offish, isolated, and quiet. Now I do not feel that way anymore, I am more focal and sociable.

I am doing well on meds, taking them regularly, with minor side effects. I am very satisfied with Abilify, it rids me of the symptoms and allows me to think rationally again. I get along well with my psychiatrist and therapist. And, I not only get support from my mother and sister, treatment team, but also online peers which makes me feel good.

Now I am working part-time on an internship. It has been a little over a month now. I am really enjoying it- the people I work with and the cause. I have not told anybody at work that I have schizophrenia, and I don't think I will, it is a tough subject that needs to be understood before speculation.

I get along well with my mother, which is awesome because it was not the case in the beginning stages of my illness. My illness made her and my family the bad guy. Now we get along very well and live together. I love my mother very much and I am glad that she is here for me, she has really helped in my recovery.

Since my diagnosis I have learned a lot about schizophrenia, and I have shared that information with you. I believe this knowledge makes me and you stronger and able to fight the illness.


Anonymous Drifter said...

It's wonderful to know that recovery does occur in schizophrenia. I don't have the illness but through your blog I've learned so much.

Anonymous said...

Hey. I have Schizo-affective disorder. I am in recovery right now. I struggle here and there, but I'm getting through it. I'm happy for you that you have reached recovery. It's always nice to actually see that it can be overcome.

Thank you for posting.

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