Friday, February 13, 2009

Finding the Strength Within

In general, life is not an easy journey, and having schizophrenia or any sort of mental illness does not make it any better. However, everyone must work with what they have and make the best of it by finding the strength within.

To cope with my illness I found peace in praising and meditating on the Lord, and also talking to my family. I would read the Bible, recite my favorite scriptures, and sing hymns and pray. I would call my mother and sister daily and tell them everything; what I ate, whether my relationships with friends was going well, and the status of my treatment. Instead, of being discouraged I told myself I would push on and not let my illness get the best of me, for me there was no other option, but to live.

Building strong relationships with health professionals is important. To this day, I still maintain a relationship with my case manager, Tamika, from California, and my current therapist, Ms. D. I trust them because I believe they have my best interest at heart. I feel comfortable sharing my concerns with them... For example, I told Ms. D. I had a change in appetite and asked her if I should be concerned, knowing that this could be an early warning sign of a relapse. She listened to me and gave me a reasonable explanation, it was most likely a reaction to the stress of moving and adjusting to a new environment.

After my diagnosis, I embraced friends at the clubhouse and sought online support groups which I found in and Schizophrenia Support Now I know I am not alone, and I have friends on the Web. I have resources for questions I may have about my illness and support to relate to others.

If you need additional support, I encourage you to check out these online support groups, they are not only for the person with schizophrenia, but also for friends and relatives. If you have a mental illness or a friend or relative of yours does, do not give up hope for recovery and peace of mind.


Anonymous said...

I agree with doing the best with what I'm given. To cope with my illness I became determined to do whatever it takes. I've been journaling and involved in an online groups for about two years. I get alot of support from my wife Margaret and online sites. And I speak at the state hospital.

EdinNJ said...

There are also face-to-face support groups, like...

Schizophrenics Anonymous

Hearing Voices Network USA

Self-Help Center self-help groups

Check to see if you have a local self-help group clearinghouse in your area to find, to to JOIN WITH OTHERS TO START, your own group!
See worldwide listing at:

- Ed

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