Wednesday, December 19, 2012

When Coping isn't Coping Anymore

Since September, I've been busy with business- board meetings, conference calls, and presentations- which I am satisfied with being a part of these activities. However, I feel like I am powered on overload right now, and its not a good feeling.

Right now I have a lot on my mind. Lately, I sleep too much, forget too often, and lack motivation to carry out house chores- I force myself to do them every few of days. The last couple of days I took the maximum dose of anxiety medication that was prescribed by my doctor, it helped a little bit. I wrote in my journal and read a little to relieve racing thoughts, tension and overwhelmed-feeling, but I still felt uneasy. I've used most of my coping skills- writing, reading, listening to music and cleaning, now I need to talk to someone about this, because I do not understand what is happening to me?!- I feel like I am gradually breaking down sometimes, while other times I am forcing myself to do what I need to do, and I do get a lot accomplished. I have a lot to think about- my family, finances and LIFE in general! I am not sure if this is mental health related and this is the result of me functioning under a lot of stress? I will seek out my therapist either today or tomorrow.

How do you cope with stress and/or anxiety?


prestonc said...

Hi Ashley, this is Preston. I can barely keep my room clean - I find it very challenging and hard to do, sadly. My mind races and I feel as though I am in pain, so often - so. I wish I could give you better news about finding a way to cope with it - whether it be a hobby or a medication, though in truth, I wonder the same question you do. How to make it stop. It is extremely hard for me to find enjoyment in anything, I feel that is sad for anyone.

I do want to mention, I guess one thing that helps somewhat is I find comfort in playing a video game. Lately I have been experiencing the game (or visual book as I call it) Skyrim.

I feel like not only am I nuts, but that a large majority of this world is nuts - just that they are not aware of their problems.

But the pain and the lack of comfort are such key things. What I have learned is that it is not the schizophrenic thought, it is not thinking weird things, etc. - it is finding peace and comfort - that is what the cure to most mental illnesses is, imo - finding peace and comfort - calming the mind.

It is weird for me, sometimes I feel peace but a lot of the time I feel pain.

If I think of anything that may help with finding calmness I will post back.

Just know that you are not alone.

Your Friend,

Ashley Smith said...

Hi Preston,

Thank you for reaching out to me during one of my difficult moments. I think this is a coping skill- sharing concerns with peers and writing- for me.

I can relate to you in that it is difficult to maintain a clean room- this is an ongoing problem for me. And I do not find time to clean it till my mood gets better.

I also play Scrabble online to help me relax and to refocus on concerns in my life. I think the practice works because I can concentrate on the computer game and escape from life's issues.

Warm regards,

Ashley Smih

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