Wednesday, September 24, 2008

What Next?

You have been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia or some form of mental illness, so what next? Here's what I did after my diagnosis...
  • Find a psychiatrist- someone who prescribes medication
  • Apply for social securitiy disability- you may need it if it is hard for you to keep a job due to disability
  • Apply for health insurance- it comes with SSI
  • Talk to a psychologist or therapist- they help you adjust to your illness
  • Join a peer group- NAMI ( has peer groups all over the U.S., join one
  • Learn about your illness- I found books and read information off the Internet
  • Take your medication- it is the most important thing you could do to recover
  • Stay positive there is hope with treatment
  • Build relationships with health care providers- I joined a peer group that is lead by my therapist and it meets under a weekly basis and I have a good relationship with my therapist
  • Be honest with health care providers- I have open dialogue with my health care provider because I know that they are there to help me
  • Journal- I write to keep track of my thoughts and emotions, it is also theraputic and relieves stress
  • Surround yourself with supporters- my family is my support group, they help me cope with this illness

What did you or your loved one do after the diagnosis? How do you or your loved one cope with mental illness?


Wandering Coyote said...

Another great list that can be used for those of us with mood disorders. Medication compliance is a really tough one for schizophrenics, I know. I hear the injectable risperidone is a great way to ensure compliance.

John said...

Hey there, congratulations on getting your article published. As for Jill Scott and Erykah Badu, I do like them some. Jill Scott is from Philly so I got to love that. I guess I'd say that punk is to the suburbs as soul music and hip hop are to the urban community. Thanks for an interesting read today on your blog. I have an awesome new doctor who I talk to a lot and things seem to be looking up. Thanks again!

Anonymous Drifter said...

This was a very helpful list.

La Pixie said...

being honest with your doctors is important for everyone!! good point.

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